Terje Larsen


Programming and problem solving is one of my great passions in life, if I am presented with a problem I will eagerly put my full focus on the problem until a solution is reached. I have a decade of professional experience developing large scale microservice ecosystems with the more recent years focusing on the DevOps movement and enabling engineers to be more efficient.

I am mostly developing code in Ruby and JavaScript, however I don't see a problem with developing in any other language, the motto is: use the best tool available.

Technical Skills

Ruby, JavaScript, Go, Java, Python
MongoDB, ElasticSearch, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Kafka, Redis
Thrift, Sinatra, Ruby on Rails, Express, Angular
Git, Unix (Linux/BSD/OSX), Docker, Kubernetes, Amazon Web Services, Ansible, SaltStack, Puppet, Consul, sysdig, Bash


SpeedLedger, DevOps Engineer
  • Setup alerting and monitoring system.
  • Maintain and improve the CI-pipeline.
  • Build a proxy/router for service discovery and load balancing.
  • Infrastucture management through AWS CloudFormation.
  • Setup automated backup solutions to AWS S3.
  • Configuration management with Ansible.
Saltside, Site Reliability Engineer
  • Migrate platform to kubernetes.
  • Site reliability engineering.
  • Daily work with containers, continuous delivery and automated testing.
  • Create tools and utilities that makes the work more efficient.
  • Running a distributed system across four markets with millions of users.
  • Deploy service to orchestrate different deploys from various clients (Slack, CLI, Web).
  • Configuration management with Ansible.
Saltside, Software Engineer
  • Main contributor of the core API and backend services.
  • Designed and implemented API:s both using JSON and Thrift.
  • Worked in a small team to rewrite the system to a service oriented architecture.
  • Lead developer for the mobile web application.
  • Lead developer for the backend platform and API.
  • Extracted the mobile web application from the monolith increasing the ability to deliver new features.
  • Worked in a small team to deliver a monolithic classifieds site.
Firma Terje Larsen, Full-stack Developer
  • Developing modules and adjusting templates to increase sales in a web shop built with Magento.
  • Full-stack development of company websites.
  • Customization and feature development for WordPress.
Webbhuset, Software Engineer
  • Developed modules for the e-commerce system Magento.
  • Built bridges between Magento and several ERP-systems (such as Navision).
  • Worked with markup and CSS.
Argonova Systems, Full-stack Developer
  • Developed an e-commerce platform which superseded the previous.
  • Developed several iterations of content management systems.
  • Created tools and workflow to optimize our development process.
  • Advocated web-standards and guidelines for accessibility.
  • Created a CSS-framework that we used to create sites quicker.


John Bauergymnasiet, Upper Secondary School, The IT Programme
  • Performed 15 weeks of workplace training.
  • Built a fully dynamic CMS with multi-language support.
  • Developed a collaborative network based text editor in C#.
  • Developed an e-commerce store.
  • Developed a web-based music database.
  • Designed and developed several minor websites.


  • Best IT student of 2005.
  • Best grades of the year 2007 (Male).
  • Project Work of the year 2007.


Available upon request.